The printing of an appellate court brief is a complicated and technical process. Your document must conform to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (FRAP) which specifies a myriad of requirements. On top of that are layered complex Circuit Local Rules which often augment or countermand the procedures laid out in FRAP. The failure to conform with the rulebook often leads to the rejection an

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We provide you a stress-free experience, where you can focus on what you do best, namely researching the relevant case law, reviewing the record below, and preparing your written arguments. We at FederalCourt.Press take care of the myriad other requirements for a filing, all the while communicating our progress with you, discussing obstacles, and finding solutions to making your filing experien

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Consultative Approach

At the FederalCourt.Press, we really enjoy talking about your case! If you have brought a case this far, through multiple levels of lower courts and intend to bring it to the highest court in the country, it is virtually assured that the case is interesting and important. Although we are not a law firm, and do not act as your attorneys, you might be surprised at the depth and breadth of knowled

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Filing and Service

The FederalCourt.Press handles the complete filing and service of your briefs directly from the printing press.

We take care of managing the printing physical handling and shipping of your books to the Court and the service parties. This relieves you of the responsibility of handling this cumbersome paperwork. Each Circuit Court has different rules regarding the number of printed copi

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High Quality Printing

FederalCourt.Press is an appellate court legal printer that has the highest standards for quality. The contrast of the print is exceptional, the binding is sturdy, and the heavy papers and coverstock used are luscious to the touch. The printing presses are the newest generation of technology, the Xerox iGen 150 Digital Printing Press which offers stunning image quality and production speed. The

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Precision Proofreading

When drafting complex, lengthy Federal Appellate documents under intense time pressure, in a new jurisdiction with its own set of complex rules, it is inevitable, even for the most experienced attorneys, to draft briefs with errors. Even at large law firms, with armies of Associates to comb through text, niggling and potentially embarrassing errors still leak through. The FederalCourt.Press edi

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Exacting Document Preparation

An appeals court brief, amicus curiae brief, or other document prepared by the FederalCourt.Press is easy to spot amongst a pile of court filings. Our books have a precise and consistent typeset, with beautiful balance and spacing. When you pick up a book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and fan open the pages, you expect the typography to be consistent from page to page — the same fonts, m

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Comprehensive Federal Court Filings

While lovely printed documents will never win your case, improperly prepared documents can certainly lose one! Filing with the United States Circuit Courts of Appeals is exceptionally complex and time-consuming. Attorneys or pro se clients must navigate the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure as well the Local Rules of each federal circuit. The most important thing that you can do for your cli

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