We provide you a stress-free experience, where you can focus on what you do best, namely researching the relevant case law, reviewing the record below, and preparing your written arguments. We at FederalCourt.Press take care of the myriad other requirements for a filing, all the while communicating our progress with you, discussing obstacles, and finding solutions to making your filing experience smooth and stress-free.

Here at the FederalCourt.Press, we perform the following functions in the filing of your Federal Appellate Brief. (Note: not every case will require every function listed below and many will not apply to IFP filers. Some services require an additional fee.)

The Stress Free Filing Experience with the Supreme Court Press
Appendix Production
  • Assistance in selecting the appropriate appendix items.
  • Appendix typesetting. To be in compliance with the rules, all of your appendix material must be properly organized and indexed, and placed into the correct volume. Some circuits have special appendices, and others have preferences or limitations on the type of appendix material they prefer.
Editor Review (Proofread)
  • Because Federal appellate documents are usually prepared under great time pressure, errors are inevitable. Our editor finds issues in 95% of documents that are reviewed.
  • The editor seeks out typos, wording issues, subject verb disagreements, misplaced apostrophes and punctuation.
  • The editor also brings an encyclopedic knowledge of successful Supreme Court petitions and relevant case law and occasionally suggests improvements.
Compliance Check
  • The Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure (FRAP) and the Circuit Court Local rules present many landmines for compliance. A noncompliant document can be rejected or sent back for a costly reprint.
Typesetting of Brief
  • Precision typesetting of the brief. The FederalCourt.Press is well known blocked out, consistent formatting, and publishing flourishes that make the document elegant and refined.
Setting of Tables and Cover
  • Setting of the Tables of Contents for the Brief and Appendix.
  • Setting of the Cover.
Proof Review
  • Client proof review by PDF, allowing the client to tweak text and correct errors.
Printing and Binding
  • Printing with the highest quality papers, cover stock, on new, well-maintained high-tech printing presses, with elegant trimming and binding.
Service to the Court
  • Service of 40 bound books to the Court.
  • Issuance of certificates of word count and compliance.
  • Issuance of filing fee check.
  • Communication with clerk of court to smooth over potential filing issues.
Service Upon Parties
  • Three bound books served upon each counsel of record.
  • Three bound books served to the client.
  • Electronic service as required.

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